Passkey Login

Passkey login (using WebAuthn authentication) allows users to log into PrivX using a passkey (such as a fingerprint, Face ID, PIN, or YubiKey).

WebAuthn authentication is supported on browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Edge. Firefox is only supported on Windows 10. Note that the available authentication methods depend on the users' hardware (such as having the appropriate biometric readers) and operating system.

Passkey login is disabled by default. To enable it:

  1. On Administration->Settings->Authentication under Login Methods, set Enable Passkey Login to True.
  2. On all PrivX servers, ensure that the frontend_address in /opt/privx/etc/shared-config.toml is the FQDN used for connecting to PrivX.
  3. Restart PrivX to apply your changes. Passkey login is now enabled.

Users must also add their passkey to PrivX:

  1. Access the PrivX GUI as the user who needs Passkey login.
  2. Check your Account page by clicking the user button at the top right of any GUI page.
  3. Under Passkeys, click Add Passkey.
  4. Sign in using the method that you want to use for future PrivX logins. After successful sign in, Passkey login is enabled for the specific user on the specific browser.

This user can then log in as follows:

  1. On the PrivX login page, click your user name under Passkeys.
  2. Sign in using any enabled passkey method.

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