Passwordless SSH and RDP Access

This tutorial illustrates how users can employ PrivX's passwordless SSH and RDP access.

Key Concepts

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) (Steps 1-2)
  • Roles governing access (Step 3)
  • Passwordless SSH access (Steps 4-5)
  • Passwordless RDP access (Steps 6-7)


  1. Our example user chris.hall logs in to PrivX.


  1. This PrivX instance has Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) active, so Chris checks the pin code from his authenticator application, for example Google Authenticator app.


  1. Chris has the roles rdp-user and ssh-user. These roles are set up to allow him passwordless RDP and SSH access on certain target hosts.


  1. To demonstrate role ssh user, Chris navigates to Connections, lists his available SSH hosts and clicks PrivXDemo Linux-3.


  1. On the target host, he is granted passwordless SSH access as user ubuntu.


  1. To demonstrate role rdp-user, he lists his available RDP hosts and clicks Administrator @ PrivXDemo Windows AD.


  1. On the target host, he is granted passwordless RDP access as user Administrator.


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