How is PrivX licensed?

  • Per host based. Hosts including downstream targets pivoted to, from the initial connection/host. Customers who employ jump servers within their environments will be required to provide additional information in order to obtain a compliant licensing agreement. (Please speak to a sales representative for more information)
  • Per user based. Users include all directory users and API clients.

What happens when my PrivX license expires?
When your PrivX license expires, the grace period is activated. During the grace period your PrivX instance remains fully functional, but there is an expiry notification shown on the UI. When the grace period ends, your PrivX instance will cease to function until the license is reactivated.

How many days after license expiry will PrivX stop functioning?
•30 days after expiry

PrivX server is activated with online license, what will happen if PrivX servers lost connection to PrivX license backend server?
PrivX will continue working until the expiry date. Please resolve the network issue as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary interruptions. You may also use online license through a https proxy

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