PrivX Analytics

The PrivX analytics feature is used to gather data about the operating system, device name, address, and the version of PrivX running on your installation. After first use, PrivX servers track these basic parameters and periodically send the data to SSH Communications Security Corporation.

Upon license activation, PrivX servers uniquely identify the node on which the installation exists. This interaction is not related to any individual user and hence completely anonymous. This data is used to gain a better understanding about the PrivX installation base, and to improve the product to better serve our customers.

The basic data is sent on every license refresh operation, which is scheduled to run automatically every 12 hours. Please note that the data is also sent if you manually refresh or update the license information, which is done by clicking Refresh on the Administration→License page.

Sending PrivX license-activation data to SSH is mandatory and cannot be opted out from.

In addition to the basic analytic parameters, PrivX also collects additional data about the amount of open connections, users, hosts, and logins. These additional analytics are enabled by default upon license activation. You can opt out of sending additional analytics at any time from the Administration→License page by disabling Send analytics data.

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