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Search Syntax

You can enter free-text criteria to filter lists.

Some lists (such as hosts, connections, monitoring, and events) support searching by specific criteria, with syntax like the following:


You can include multiple criteria in a search:


You can specify multiple values either by repeating a criteria with different values, or by delimiting the values with a pipe:



Use backslash to escape parentheses and other reserved characters in values:

​​(criteria=value with \(parentheses\))​​

Search examples:

  • Find connections with the tag ​Name=Example Host​​ - (Tag=Name\=Example Host)

  • Find host entries containing both "test" and SSH service(s) - test (Service=SSH)

  • Find hosts with SSH or RDP services - (Service=SSH|RDP)



Type an open parenthesis in the search to see all the supported criteria. Note that not all pages support criteria.

To save a search, first input your search in the search field and press enter. Then click next to the search field, and click ​Add Favorite​​.

To restore a saved search, click ​​​​​​​​​ next to the search field, then select your search.

To manage your saved searches, click next to the search field, then click ​Edit Favorites​​. In edit mode you can:

  • Rename a saved search by clicking it.
  • Drag and drop saved searches to reorganize them.
  • Delete a saved search by clicking 🗑️



To share a search with another PrivX user, first enter your search, then copy-paste your URL to the other PrivX user.