Multi-Factor Authentication with PrivX Authorizer

PrivX admins must:

  • Enable multi-factor authentication with PrivX Authorizer. This is done per user directory.

PrivX users must:

  • Install the PrivX Authorizer app to your phone.
  • Pair the PrivX Authorizer app with PrivX.


  • You must have a PrivX online license.
  • Your license must enable the Mobile Application Gateway feature.

Enabling MFA with PrivX Authorizer

To enable multi-factor authentication with PrivX Authorizer:

  1. Register your PrivX deployment with the Mobile Application Gateway. To do this, go to Administration→Deployment→Mobile Application Gateway, then click Register.

  2. On Administration→Directories page, Edit the directory for which you want to enable MFA.

  3. Expand Advanced Settings, then under Multi-Factor Authentication Settings, set MFA Type to PrivX Authorizer (mobile app).

  4. Save your changes. Users belonging to the directory are now required to authenticate using PrivX Authorizer for MFA.

After registering PrivX to the Mobile Application Gateway, you may wait for users to install and pair PrivX Authorizer before enabling MFA for their user directories. Doing so may ease transition to MFA.

Pairing PrivX Authorizer

Users can log in using PrivX Authorizer as follows:

  1. Download and install the PrivX Authorizer app from the Google Play Store (for Android), or from Apple App Store (for iOS).

  2. Pair the PrivX Authorizer with PrivX in either of the following ways:

    • Go to your Account page, then under Paired Devices, click Pair New Device. You will be presented with a QR code for pairing.
    • If your account requires MFA, next time you log into PrivX you will be presented with a QR code for pairing.

  1. Open PrivX Authorizer on your phone. Tap Pair New Service and scan the QR code. Tap Complete Pairing to complete pairing.

    The PrivX Authorizer app should now display your PrivX service under My Services.

MFA Login in with PrivX Authorizer

When MFA login is set up, subsequent logins to PrivX must be verified.

In your PrivX Authorizer app, tap your PrivX service, then under Pending Events, tap the authentication request.

Check that the verification codes between the PrivX GUI and the PrivX Authenticator app match. Tap Approve Request to complete login.

Back in your browser, you should now be logged into the PrivX GUI.

Managing Paired Devices

Users can manage their paired devices via their Accounts page, under Paired Devices. Here you can:

  • Test pairing
  • Unpair devices
  • Pair new devices

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