Upgrade from Older Releases

PrivX upgrade is typically supported from:

  • Upgrade with downtime: Last 3 major versions.
  • Zero-downtime upgrade: Last major version.

To upgrade from older versions, you may perform either of the following:

  • Upgrade via intermediate versions (recommended)
  • Upgrade directly

These instructions apply to:

  • PrivX Server

  • PrivX Carrier

  • PrivX Web Proxy

  • PrivX Extender

Upgrade to PrivX 33 is only supported from 32.x regardless of upgrade style.

Upgrade via Intermediate Versions

We recommend upgrading in 3-version increments until you reach the desired version. This guarantees that upgrade is performed in tested and supported increments.

For example if you are running on PrivX 19.x and aim to upgrade to PrivX 24, you would first upgrade three versions to 22 using upgrade with downtime, then perform another upgrade with downtime to version 24.

To upgrade via intermediate versions:

  1. Back up your PrivX deployment.

  2. Choose an intermediate version.

  3. Review the version-specific release notes in case of special upgrade steps. Upgrade to the intermediary version following the upgrade instructions of that version.

    If you are upgrading packages via the PrivX repository, you must provide the version number in the command. For example, upgrading PrivX Server specifically to version 22.2:

    yum install PrivX-22.2

    You may list the available package versions with:

    yum --showduplicates list PrivX

🚧 Caution

Installing without a version number upgrades to the latest version.

  1. Verify that PrivX works after upgrade.

  2. Repeat the previous steps until you reach the target version.

Direct Upgrade

You may try directly upgrading to the desired version. This works in most cases especially if the current version is just one or two versions behind official support. Make sure to take backups before upgrade, and verify PrivX functionalities after upgrade.

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