Does the solution support High Availability (redundant) operation of critical components?
Yes, HA is provided through redundant databases and and/or clustering of solution components where necessary. HA deployments are recommended as standard and do not add to any licensing costs.

Is PrivX scalable?
Yes, PrivX has a microservice architecture which allows for rapid scalability, additional component instances can be clustered and load balanced. PrivX can also auto scale when deploying in a public cloud platforms such as AWS.

Can I establish connections to computers not part of the same Active Directory?
Yes, the solution allows for connections to me made to target systems irrespective of their domain membership as long as there is a viable connection via network, VPN or our PrivX Extender which allows connections to remote locations over the internet using secure reverse proxy.

Does the PrivX architecture itself need to be spun up in only one environment?
Individual PrivX instances can run on any cloud. It's possible to have instances of the same deployment running in different cloud providers. However it's recommended (and often easier) to run PrivX HA setup on one cloud provider and then use PrivX Extenders for other cloud providers.

What is the largest PrivX instance deployed and have there been any scalability issues?
One of our largest customer deployments is HA environment spanning three continents (US, Europe, Australia), all instances belonging to the same installation. Users in each continent are directed to local PrivX instance, all three continents are sharing the same database cluster.
Largest number of users in customer env is around 80000.
One customer experienced some out of memory issues, when running ~400 simultaneous RDP connections through three PrivX instances (with 12 GB memory each).
A single PrivX instance can handle several thousands simultaneous SSH users.

How much downtime is there when carrying out version upgrades?
Minimal down time is required for patching/upgrades however it is recommended that backups are taken prior to doing so.

Zero downtime upgrade is supported since PrivX 33.

Can quick rollbacks and restores be carried out in the event of problems e.g. during upgrades?
Yes, backups can be quickly restored in the event of needed recovery.

What are the requirements for deploying PrivX as a container?

For container installation, we recommend installing PrivX on Kubernetes

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