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Can I use my own client on my workstation, or do I need to use a browser to connect to hosts using PrivX?
Yes, you can use your own client. PrivX will enable connecting to hosts via browser or native clients on Linux, Mac & Windows.

Do you have to install agents on target hosts?
PrivX is a zero footprint solution, so there's no need to install any software on target hosts.

Does PrivX provide access to the target host or to individual applications on the target host?
On RDP connections you can restrict which applications each user is able to access on the target Windows host, please see the Setting up Hosts. On SSH connections access is provided to the target host itself, and limiting user rights on the respective target host (by e.g. restricted shells) is your decision and responsibility.

Does PrivX support High-Availability and load balancing?
Most definitely and there are several ways how this can be accomplished. Please take a look at our examples:

Does PrivX work with Ansible or Chef?
PrivX works with both, please see the documentation about Onboarding SSH target hosts to PrivX via Ansible and Onboarding SSH target hosts to PrivX via Chef.

Is port forwarding possible with PrivX?
Yes, port forwarding works with PrivX Agent and PrivX Bastion (native clients). In the Authorizer config file /opt/privx/etc/authorizer.toml on PrivX servers the setting ssh_default_extensions includes the keywords permit-port-forwarding.

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