Migrate from EOL Operating Systems

PrivX components do not support operating systems that have reached EOL. This article describes migrating away from such platforms:

  • CentOS/RHEL 7.x EOL in June 2024.

Migrating from EOL platforms involves the following high-level steps:

  1. Determine which platform you want to migrate to (target platform). You may need to upgrade PrivX.
  2. Migrate PrivX Server(s) to the target platform.
  3. Migrate other PrivX components to the target platform.

For more information about supported platforms, see Preparing for Deployment.

Choosing the Target Platform

Choose a target platform with longer maintenance time.

Note that if the target platform is not supported by your current PrivX version, you will need to upgrade your PrivX deployment first. You should upgrade to a PrivX version that supports both your current components' OS and the target-platform version.

  • Rocky/RHEL 9.x needs PrivX v32 or later.

  • Rocky 8.x needs PrivX v21 or later.

  • RHEL 8.x needs PrivX v10 or later.

Remember to back up your PrivX settings and database before upgrade.

Migrating PrivX Servers

Migration steps for PrivX servers depend on whether you are running a HA deployment or single-server deployment.

Migrating PrivX Servers in HA Deployment

  1. Add PrivX Servers with new OSes to your deployment. See PrivX-Server HA Setup
  2. Verify that the new HA setup works.
  3. Detach all old PrivX Servers from the load balancer.

Migrating PrivX Server in Single Server Deployment

  1. Back up PrivX settings to a safe location. See Manual PrivX-Server Backup and Restore.

    If session recordings are stored locally, you will also need to copy those to a safe location. By default trails are stored locally under /var/privx/audit.

  2. Shut down the PrivX Server.

  3. Set up a new machine that runs on the target platform. The machine must have the same IP and DNS addresses as the old PrivX Server.

  4. Install PrivX to the new machine, Do not run /opt/privx/scripts/postinstall.sh yet. See PrivX Server Setup.

  5. Restore the PrivX backup taken in step 1. Also restore any local trail files.

  6. Run /opt/privx/scripts/postinstall.sh.

  7. Start PrivX on the new machine.

Migrating PrivX Web Carriers and Web Proxies

High level steps involve unregistering existing Web Carriers and Web Proxies, and setting up on target-platform machines with the same configuration.

Steps to migrate a Web Carrier and Web Proxy:

  1. In AdministrationDeploymentDeploy PrivX Web Access Gateways, locate the Web Carrier and Web Proxy configuration you want to migrate. Click ☰ and select Unregister.
  2. Set up Web Carrier and Web Proxy on new machines that run on the target platform. Make sure the Proxy Address in configuration matches the new machine's Web Proxy host IP.

Repeat the steps to migrate all Web Carriers and Web Proxies.

Migrating PrivX Extenders

High level steps involve unregistering existing PrivX Extenders and setting up new Extenders on target-platform machines with the same configuration.

Steps for migrating an Extender:

  1. In AdministrationDeploymentDeploy PrivX VPC/VPN Extender, locate the Extender configuration you want to migrate
  2. Click ☰ and select Unregister.
  3. Set up Extender on new machine that runs on the target platform.

Repeat the steps to migrate all Extenders

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