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Adding PrivX Users

You can add PrivX users in the following ways:

Add Local Users

To add users to PrivX:

  • On the ​Administration→Users​ page click ​Add User​​, and then provide their information, such as credentials and contact information.

Import Users

To import users to PrivX from LDAP, AD, or OpenID Connect providers:

  • On the ​Administration→Directories​ page click ​Add Directory​​. Select a ​Type​ from one of the supported ​User Directories​​. Provide other required information about the directory, such as connection information and the query for obtaining user entries.

For additional information about LDAP/AD configuration, see Importing Users from Active Directory.

For additional information about OpenID Connect (OIDC) configuration, see OpenID-Connect Authentication.

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Adding PrivX Users

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