Production-Readiness Checklist

This checklist helps you build a robust PrivX system and speed up problem resolution. Some of the information is also helpful when reporting incidents to the SSH.COM support team.

Before deploying PrivX to production, you should ensure the following:

  • Your PrivX system architecture documented and you have a process to keep it up-to-date.
  • You have your PrivX-system maintenance and upgrade guide.
  • You have PrivX test deployments for use case experiments, upgrade tests, etc. Any test deployments are separate from your PrivX production deployment.
  • You have tested major PrivX use cases. Such tests are also incorporated to your PrivX-upgrade process.
  • Systems integrated with PrivX are tested and documented. You have a list contacts who are responsible for those systems.
  • You have a disaster recovery plan, and a process to test those plans on regular basis.
  • You have a process to monitor PrivX runtime status and performance. Alerts are sent when anomalies are detected.
  • You have enough storage space for PrivX audit trails.
  • You have a process for PrivX database backup and rollback.
  • PrivX-data retention is configured according to your corporate policy.
  • You have enabled periodic PrivX backups, and those backups are stored to secure media.
  • You have a process to follow-up and renew SSL certificates deployed in PrivX.
  • You have a service manager who is accountable for PrivX service quality.
  • You have instructions for your end users and a process to onboard new users.
  • Your end users have a designated contact for help.
  • You have a process to train internal support team for resolving common problems.
  • You have a list of personnel who have accounts to the SSH.COM ticketing tool.
  • You have load tested your environment, including the number of concurrent connections.

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