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Stored Passwords

You can store target-user passwords in PrivX, so PrivX users can connect to those target users without having to provide the password. The steps for enabling this authentication method are:

  1. ​​For SSH only​​: Configure the target-host SSH server to allow ​password​ authentication. Note that allowing ​keyboard-interactive​​ authentication does not enable using stored passwords in PrivX.

  2. Store the target-user passwords in PrivX:

    1. On the ​Administration→Hosts​ page, ​Edit​​ the target host on which the target user is.

    2. Under the ​Accounts​ section, provide the ​Password​ for the target user(s). If not done already, also specify the ​Roles​​ that may access the target user(s).

    3. Click ​Save​​ to apply the changes.

    Connections to the target user should no longer prompt for password.