The Deployment category contains instructions how to deploy PrivX on either on-premise servers or cloud service provider instances.

Get PrivX software for installing on-premise or cloud instances. The software is delivered as an RPM package and requires RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Rocky Linux or Amazon Linux operating system.


Preparing for Deployment

Setting up PrivX components

Deploying PrivX to Amazon Web Services
Deploying PrivX to Google Cloud Platform: architecture blueprint
Deploying PrivX to Azure: architecture blueprint

Deploying PrivX to Kubernetes

High availability deployment

PrivX high availability deployment
Example Nginx load balancer configuration

Hardware security modules (HSM) support

nShield connect as an HSM provider
SafeNet Luna SA as a HSM Provider
AWS CloudHSM as a HSM provider


Setting up and upgrading PrivX with custom network ports

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