Universal SSH Key Manager as a Host Directory

This guide describes procedures for setting up Universal SSH Key Manager (UKM) as a host directory in PrivX. Doing so allows you to use UKM hosts as connection targets in PrivX.

Prerequisites for UKM Host Directory

  • In UKM, create an admin account with the Connect through external API permission. Also create an API token for this account. The API token is required later for directory configuration.

  • The UKM setting Allowed API clients must include Go-http-client/1.1

    Alternatively, the UKM account associated to the API token must also have the Use the web GUI permission.

For more detailed instructions about operating UKM, refer to the Universal SSH Key Manager Administrator Manual.

UKM-Host-Directory Setup

To add UKM as a host directory in PrivX:

  1. Add a new directory to PrivX. To do this, go to Administration→Directories and click Add Directory.

  2. Provide at least the following information about the directory:

    • Name: Arbitrary name for identifying the directory.
    • Type: Set to Universal SSH Key Manager.
    • UKM Server URL: URL to a UKM Front End.
    • UKM API Token: API token for UKM-API access.

    Click Save to apply your changes.

    UKM has been added as a host directory to PrivX. You may check the directory status back on the Administration→Directories page. Once the directory status is OK, you may review the imported hosts from Administration→Hosts.

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