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Requesting and Approving Memberships

PrivX users can submit requests to grant or remove membership from roles, either for themselves or on behalf of others. To submit a request, go to the ​Requests→My Requests​ page and click ​New Request​​.

In a request, you need to specify (at least):

  • The user whose membership is to be granted or revoked.

  • The role to be granted or revoked.

You can review the status of your requests on the ​Requests→My requests​​ page.

PrivX users can approve and deny requests on the ​Requests→Approvals​​ page. Click a request to submit a decision.

You need to have an existing ​workflow​ for a role before users can request/revoke memberships from the role. For more information about workflows, see Managing Workflows.



PrivX users may not approve their own requests.

A request must gather all the approvals to be approved; One denial is enough to deny an entire request.

Only the mapped users of a role can submit decisions required from the role.

Users granted membership by the rules of the role can only be removed by adjusting the rules.

Role changes take effect within 1 - 5 minutes from being applied.

OpenID Connect users can not request memberships for roles.

If the request-workflow approver's roles are changed, all existing workflow requests can still be approved by members of old approver roles.