Error "Unable to connect to Extender/Carrier" during Web Connections


"Unable to connect to Extender/Carrier" error shown in the GUI when connecting to web targets.


Ensure your PrivX Carrier is running and configured correctly. You can do this with the following commands on your Carrier machine:
# systemctl status privx-carrier
# systemctl status docker

Restart the services if necessary:
# systemctl restart privx-carrier
# systemctl restart docker

On the Carrier machine, ensure the carrier configuration /opt/privx/etc/carrier-config.toml contains the following:
privx_rdp_proxy_enabled = true
privx_webapps_enabled = true
allow_connect_to_loopback = true
allow_connect_to_local_addresses = true

Also ensure that Extender enabled is enabled under Administration→Settings→RDP Proxy.

Logfiles /var/log/privx/privx-carrier.log on your Carrier machine, and /var/log/messages on PrivX machines may provide additional information about causes.

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