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Configuring Extender for multiple endpoints

PrivX Extender can be used to route traffic to VPNs that are otherwise unreachable. The Extender initializes the connection to the PrivX API endpoint, and all connections via the Extender are then tunneled through this open socket.
If, for some reason, the public load balancer is unreachable from the Extender host or if the same Extender is used from multiple PrivX locations, it is possible to configure the Extender to connect to multiple endpoints separately:

privx_public_endpoint = "https://privx.example.com"
privx_instance_endpoints = [

Note that for Extender to work properly, it needs to be able to connect to each PrivX node in an HA installation. This can be achieved either by connecting to PrivX using an HTTPS load balancer with sticky sessions enabled (recommended), or by setting the instance endpoints for each HA node separately in the Extender configuration file.

For additional configuration options, see Extender Configuration