JumpCloud as a User Directory

This document provides instructions for adding users from JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service (Jumpcloud DaaS) as PrivX users. By following these instructions, you can allow your JumpCloud users to log into PrivX. Such users may then be granted SSH/RDP access similarly to regular AD users.


This document includes instructions regarding third-party products by JumpCloud. These instructions are provided for general guidance only.

Using JumpCloud's LDAP-as-a-Service

Please refer to JumpCloud documentation for instructions regarding these topics:

  • Create an LDAP Binding User
  • Add users to the LDAP Directory
  • Configuration Details and Supported Standards
  • Examples of Usage
  • Example Schema

PrivX JumpCloud Configuration

PrivX configuration must be:

  • User DN pattern: (uid=%s)
  • Source target attribute pairs: cn=full_name and uid=principal


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