Changing PrivX database name, username or password

If the database containing PrivX data has changed, or the username or password have been changed, PrivX can be reconfigured to connect to a new database with new credentials.

Login as root to the PrivX host

[root@privx /] systemctl stop privx
[root@privx /]# /opt/privx/bin/keyvault-tool -name db-name -value new_name -public set-passphrase
[root@privx /]# /opt/privx/bin/keyvault-tool -name db-user -value new_username -public set-passphrase
[root@privx /]# /opt/privx/bin/keyvault-tool -name db-password -value new_password -public set-passphrase
[root@privx /]# systemctl start privx

To change the database address, open /opt/privx/etc/shared-.config.toml and edit the "Database settings" section.

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