Error "Unable to connect to Web Proxy" during Web Connections


"Unable to connect to Web Proxy" error shown in the GUI when connecting to Web targets.


Ensure that the your PrivX Web Proxy is running and configured correctly. To do this, run this on the web-proxy machine:
# systemctl status privx-web-proxy

Restart the privx-web-proxy service if necessary:
# systemctl restart privx-web-proxy

Also verify your configurations:

  • Verify your Web Proxy address is configured correctly on PRIVX WEB ACCESS GATEWAYS page in PrivX UI. Use IP address instead of FQDN, if possible.
  • The address needs to be reachable by the Docker container running on the Carrier host (default ports 18080, 18443, 18444).

On the web-proxy machine:
Ensure that the web-proxy configuration at /opt/privx/etc/web-proxy-config.toml contains:
privx_rdp_proxy_enabled = true

On your PrivX servers:
ensure in the RDP-proxy configuration /opt/privx/etc/rdp-proxy.toml:
web_proxy_enabled = true

Logfiles /var/log/privx/web-proxy.log on your web-proxy machine, and /var/log/messages on PrivX servers may also provide additional information about causes.

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