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Welcome to the SSH PrivX documentation! Here you'll find the PrivX administration manual, use case specific guides as well as API specifications.

Secure your infrastructure now!

Throughout the years, having observed how permanent passwords and left-behind, forgotten credentials still grant access to critical environments years after they were created and needed, we started the PrivX project. We wanted to rid the world of passwords and keys laying on disk, and of standing privileges in general.

PrivX provides a solution for granting just in time access only for the needed resources, often called Zero Trust access. The solution automates the process of granting and revoking access by integrating with an existing identity management system (it also comes with its own!) and ensures that the users have one click access to right infrastructure resources with correct privileges. It also provides full audit trail and monitoring which is vital if your users are handling sensitive data or if you need to provide access for 3rd parties to your environment. All access to enterprise resources is fully authenticated, fully authorized, and fully encrypted based upon device state and user credentials.

You can run PrivX either on-premise or in the cloud.

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