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Error "The proxy server is refusing connections" during Web Connections


Starting from version 30, PrivX no longer employs Squid for web traffic proxying. Therefore, the content of this article is not applicable to the more recent PrivX versions.


Browser displays "The proxy server is refusing connections" or similar error message when connecting to web targets.


  1. Verify your Proxy address setting at Administration→Deployment→Deploy PrivX Web Access Gateways. It should contain the IP address or DNS name of your PrivX-Web-Proxy machine. Make sure your web proxy ports are accessible from Carrier host.

  2. If the problem persists, verify and restart the PrivX Web Proxy service on your Web-Proxy machine and see that it is running properly.

    You may also check Web Proxy logs ta /var/log/privx/privx-web-proxy.log for additional information about the issue.